5 Tips to Bachelorette Party Success

First off, big thanks to Oriental Trading Company for providing items to review for this event.

When my friend Kari got engaged I was so excited to get to help plan all the fun events because.... duh! So when the task of bachelorette party was given to me and Jamie we were excited to get to work. Today I want to share my 5 tips to bachelorette party success!

Tip #1: Talk to the bride. You need to get an idea of the type of party she wants. Who does she want to invite? Does she want a big group with ladies of all ages or does she just want something smaller with all her closest gal friends? Or does she even want a girls only event maybe she want's a combo party with the guys. This is an imperative first step! I'm not a typical bachelorette party type of girl with inappropriate straws and such so knowing the direction to head down is super helpful.

Tip #2: Choose a theme. I am SUCH a theme person. Heck I've been known to do a themed movie nights just for the fun of it. It just helps to make any event feel that much more special and thought out. For this party we chose a western theme. We felt like it was the perfect fit for our friend who loves country music. Besides, we had been meaning to have a girls night at a country bar called Toby Keith's I Love This Bar.

Tip #3: Get creative with the decor. Now that you have a theme it's time to get on that decor, including the guests! We chose to use navy bandanas, lace, burlap, pearls and tulle to use throughout. I got these adorable glass jars from Oriental Trading which I filled with the above mentioned items. I also decided to make each of the girls a western themed bracelet and we got them each a cowboy hat to wear so that our group looked like a group! Of course, the bride had to stand out so a simple tulle veil attached to the cowboy hat was perfect!

Another decor item that I loved were the super cute cupcake stands. These were so easy to dress up! All we did was add burlap (gluing it to itself and then glued a lace bow too fancy them up. Gluing the fabric to itself, instead of the actual cupcake stand makes it easier to remove for storing, traveling and reusing!

Tip #4: Have a couple of activities to break the ice. At each place setting we had a bachelorette mad libs game. This was super simple to make I grabbed the paragraph that the groom wrote about falling in love with the bride then I removed a few words and made them into blanks. Each of the party goers they each had a sheet asking them to chose verbs, adjectives, event, body part etc then you have the bride read the paragraph with each persons answers. Another game we had was a hit. We did a photo scavenger hunt where the girls broke up into teams of 2/3 and had to go take a bunch of photos.

Tip#5: Relax and have fun! The beauty of the bachelorette party is that, other than making sure the bride is taken care of, everyone is on their own in terms of paying for food and drinks. Be sure to be upbeat and enjoy the night you only get to celebrate one of your best friends in this way once so live it up! We sure did make sure we did as the bride wanted. We started at the country bar but moved to a piano bar and then to a spot to do a bit of dancing per the brides request! We started dinner and drinks with about 15 girls and by the time we moved to the second place we were down to six girls. And that's a-ok, we continued to have a great night!

We had so much fun getting to celebrate a dear friend and that's the point of it, really! Do you have any great tips to hosting a successful bachelorette party?

xoxo, Jen

Please note that I received products for Oriental Trading company for review purposes only, my opinions of their products are all my own and I was in no way monetarily compensated for this post.

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