Do Something Crafty 2014

If you didn't already know, I am a contributor for See Vanessa Craft! Vanessa is such a sweet girl whom I've met through the local Arizona Bloggers events. She hosts the awesome busy bag swap that I attend every year. The girl is talented!

When Vanessa reached out to her contributors about a friendly competition called "Do Something Crafty Challenge," I was all in!
Here's how it works. There are 5 bloggers who all received stencils from the sponsor, Cutting Edge Stencils and they were challenged by Vanessa to Do Something Crafty. To keep up with all the project be sure to check in at See Vanessa Craft all this week. Starting next week everyone will get to vote for their favorite project and that blogger will win a prize!
So what did I make you ask? Well, I decided to go big and requested the largest stencils and I created a bed canopy for Lil D and Mr. G's bedroom!
Using a 6x8 foot paint drop cloth I had still in the package and two bottles of blue and two bottles of green acrylic paint, plus the stencils and paint brushes that were supplied I got to work! 

I first took the drop cloth upstairs and figured out where I wanted it to hang and how far form the wall I wanted it to come out. The boys have a fan above their bed so it couldn't come out too far. It ended up being attached to the ceiling about 1 1/2 feet out from the wall.

Next, I laid the drop cloth out and decided on my stencil placement. I did 'G' and 'D' on the front panel over the sides of the bed that the boys usually sleep on. 
 I attached the stencils to the fabric by using cardboard underneath and push-pinning them in.
Using a pouncing brush I started dabbing the paint onto the stencil. I thought it would be fun to do a sort of ombre chevron look so I used a light color and a dark color and would mix both of the colors into the stripe in-between. 
I didn't want the canopy to be too crazy so I decided for the other six letters I would keep them each a solid color but do the subtle ombre color across the row of letters.
 Once it completely dried I took it upstairs to figure out how to hang it. I decided I wanted it to not be easily torn down and came across these cool wall anchor screws. 
So we put it against the ceiling where we wanted to attach and marked with a pen where the screw would go. Being that the canopy if fabric and screwing directly into fabric would not end so well. I cut a hole with an exacto knife and kept the cloth far from the bottom of the screw when it was being screwed into the ceiling. I also used a washer on either side of the fabric to keep the fabric tight.

Once both ends were attached to the ceiling I was able to use a couple of thumb tacks to secure the back into the correct places against the wall. 

I have to say both the kids are loving the impact that this bed canopy has added to their fun space. I'm excited that all that stencil work won't go to waste when we move again!

xoxo, Jen

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