Lake Tahoe Family Vacation - Roadtrip & Arrival

Is there anything more special than taking a family vacation? It's definitely the memories I cherish the most each year. This year our annual vacation was made even more special because we were going to our favorite place ever, Lake Tahoe, and my parents, brother, sister and brother-in-law came too! We decided that renting cars for the 12+ hour drive and I couldn't be more please with the decision. We rented a mini van and now I'm convinced that I need one, one day! Cabin rental seemed to cost less if you rented for an entire week so that's what we did. We decided to leave on a Friday at midnight so the kids would sleep a good chunk of the drive and since there were plenty of drivers it just made sense. Being that we were going to have a looooong night, a stop at Dutch Bros was the first thing on our to-do list!

As all vacations go we had to forgot something... this time it was tennis shoes for boys. Luckily, I realized early on so we were able to stop at Walmart to buy some. Walmart was just one of the MANY stops we made on the drive in. After many, many hours on the road, we finally made it to the cabin at 2pm on Saturday.

We arrived, checked the cabin out and unloaded the car.  Then it was time to grab some food at Blue Dog Pizza, a favorite form our first trip there, for an early dinner. Then it was to the store to get groceries.
That evening we sat on the porch, played some games, had some drinks and went to bed early.
xoxo, Jen

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