5 Tip Tuesday: Autism Therapy Tools

Dallas has had a therapist in our home working with him for a few months now and after observing a few times and watching his progress I have started to pick up on some of the supplies and things that are really helpful to have on hand for his therapist. So today I thought I'd share 5 tips for Autism Therapy Tools at home.
Tip #1: Have a dedicated area to store it all. We've been fortunate to have a once formal sitting area turned into a playroom which includes a large book shelf where I house a lot of the things they use every day. In this room are also all of the boys' other toys as well as books and a mini trampoline, because sometimes you just need to bounce.

Tip #2: Be organized. I spent a chunk of time one evening going through all the toy bins and pulling out all the matching mega blocks, duplos, puzzle pieces, crayons etc. and placed them in bins so they were easy to find. I lines up all the coloring books and put the ones Dallas would be most interested in close to the therapist's folder.

Tip #3: Reduce clutter. Get rid of extra pieces that may be broken or non- useful. I recently did a purge and put all the boys toys separated into like toy bins and you know what I found?? A lot of broken toys, pieces of things I had no idea where they went, old babyish toys and just random things that didn't belong. Needless to say, they got the boot.

Tip #4: Keep looking for new things.  If you only use the same five things that would get boring really quick.  I keep my eyes open for new workbooks, toys of interest for my son. I recently came across a monster sticker book where all the stickers are the face features, he loved it and so did the therapist because they got to work on body parts. You know your child's interests best so it's much easier for you to find these sort of things. If you check Target dollar spot, the dollar store or even Goodwill you're sure to come across a few new things every couple weeks to add to the therapy shelves.

Tip #5: Ask the therapist. I assume that art supplies come out of the therapists pocket so I try to find out if there is anything they would like for me to look for while I'm out. Most recently we got a request for shaving cream which was super easy to run out and grab.

xoxo, Jen 

I am not a doctor or therapist. These suggestions are just things, as a mom, I have learned and have work for us.

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