5 Tips to Being a Boy Mom

On today's 5 Tips Tuesday I decided to share some tips for being a mom to boys! My boys are 3 and 4 years old and they sure do keep me on my toes.
1. Learn to look the other way and breathe-  My children are monkeys. If I scolded them every single time they climbed, jumped or did something crazy I'd lose my voice. They definitely get their fair share or scolding and if they're doing something super dangerous you better believe I am right there but my boys, by nature, are adventurous!!

2. Get over the grossness of urine- from the time you bring that bitty baby home there is a chance you'll be peed on. The first day daddy went back to work after we had our first son, he received a text from me showing that his son had peed all over my leg. My youngest was the best at this. He peed on four people in one day, including the doctor!! Then there is potty training combine that with the fact they learn they can stand to pee and it ends up all around the toilet....or in the rocks in the back yard.

3.Fall in love superheros- They're gonna go through a phase so you might as well just get on board and enjoy it with them. From turning random things into capes and striking a superhero pose without prompting your little men are going to think that they are mini superheros. You should see some of the poses my three year old comes up with and the random getup's my four year old creates.
4.Enjoy the cuddles while you can- When they're young you can't wait for them to get that independence and not need you to hold them all the time, but be warned you will long for the days that you can hold them. Any time one of my boys crawls into my lap to cuddle you better believe I eat it up because those moments are few and far between as the get older because they have better things to do like.. well, see tip #1. My oldest has always been one to want cuddles but there are times when he has no interest in curling up with me and it happens too quickly for this mama heart! I take the cuddles where I can get them!

5. Boys love their Mamas- Although they love rough housing and playing with dad (like A LOT) and see him as their superhero there is no one quite like their mama. They want your comfort when they get hurt, they light up and want hugs and kisses when you get home. They'll tell you they want to marry you and they'll be sad when you tell them you're already married to daddy but you have an ace up your sleeve, the promise of a special dance when they do get married.
So hold those baby boys tight, love them, cuddle with them any chance you get, run around and fly like a superhero and love them with all your might!

xoxo, Jen 

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