Last month my family was invited to the Grand Opening event for As You Wish at Westgate. The location was stellar, right next to the movie theater and so close to lots of great food options. Westgate also has a cute little splash pad for the little's in the warmer months.

I was really excited for the fun little family date night and as I scurried around getting the boys clothes together and when I went to go get Griffin I found him asleep in his bed. So we made the decision to leave him sleeping since he is not a graceful waker-upper.

So me and Dal loaded Lil D up and headed out. We arrived to the store with super nice helpers and the smell of delicious Papa Murphy's pizza in the air. They catered the event and it was so good.

GiGi's cupcakes were there too and they created a special personal cupcake for each blogger in attendance. How cute is mine? It plays off my about me page that says "first comes love,then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage." Lil D was a big fan of the mini cupcakes and probably had 3 or 4.
The staff was so nice and very good at explaining the process to us. They were especially nice to us when my son broke not one but TWO ice cream tops. Why it is two pieces I'm not sure... but he loved it. Since we all were allowed a piece to paint a piece of our choice I chose a mug and we chose a pumpkin for Lil D to paint too, which he did (no breaking at all.)

And a few days later our pieces were ready!
Dallas put together this adorable video of our time there. Click HERE.

As You Wish just put out all their Christmas pieces, what a great Christmas present for those grandparents!  Just your luck I have a $50 gift card up for grabs!

xoxo, Jen 

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Please note that we were  treated to a night of free painting, pizza and cupcakes. I did not receive any other compensation to run this giveaway,

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