Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Around our house for the last couple of months there has been a strong love for Mickey Mouse! The boys started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse around the same time that Lil D really started to learn how to draw. So as soon as he figured out lines and circles his drawing subject of course became the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or "ClubKlow" as he says.

One of his most famous drawings was also one of the first times we really realized his love for drawing and that was when we found a clubhouse drawn on his father's work pants!

He began drawing the clubhouse with his therapist and then every time he wanted to draw you could expect to see a clubhouse. No matter if they were working with legos, chalk, playdoh it all had to be made into a clubhouse.
His teacher at school even stated that he seemed to be building something specific but didn't realize until parent/teacher conference when we mentioned the clubhouse that that is what it most likely was.
He's gotten so good at his clubhouse drawings and has accepted that his will not be perfect which is awesome. There are nights when he has to get a drawing out before he can go to bed. Drawing for him is very visual and is also sensory input he seems to crave.  I am so proud every time I find a clubhouse laying around the house.. I'll never get tired of them :)

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