2014 Reflections

Dallas and I worked on this together to really highlight the things we are so very thankful for this year.

This year has been a lot of ups and downs for us but we are so very thankful first and foremost to have God in our corner.  We are thankful for God bringing us closer to him. We both were baptized this year and are eternally grateful to Him.
We are very blessed to have each other, knowing that there is always someone there to lean on is a very comforting feeling.
As most of you know, our oldest baby was diagnosed with Autism this year. We are thankful to have a diagnosis and that we were able to jump right in to get treatment lined up and an amazing therapist in our home so quickly. We are SOO grateful for her in his life and we've seen him make leaps and bounds.
It's a HUGE blessing to have such a supportive family who let us move in with them so that Dallas could quit his job to be home with the boys to facilitate the appointments. We are thankful for our entire family, aunts and uncles who ask about the boys or offer to watch them when we need a break.

We are thankful that Dallas gets to spend time at home with our boys, we are thankful that I have a job to provide for us and that allows flexibility of working from home when needed.

We are thankful for the person lil D is. He has the biggest heart and sweetest soul. The infant who fell asleep on my chest every night, the toddler who found his way into my bed to cuddle with me and daddy every morning, the preschooler who holds my hand and rests on me when he needs. I am thankful for his determination and his smile.

We are thankful for Griffin for being such a great brother and son. He lights up our worlds with his adventurous nature and spirit.  We are thankful that he is talking more and more and that going to school has been such a blessing for him. Griffin is a fun loving and hilarious little guy. He is always performing for us and being our little drama king providing so much life and laughter into our home!
This year we've witnessed the bond between our babies grow and grow. They've began to have little conversations that we actually understand (we think they've always understood each other) which is so adorable.

We are thankful for all the teachers/therapists involved in our kids lives that help them learn and grow and improve every day.

We are thankful for our friends that accept our kids and cheer us on from the sidelines. The ones who love them and their hearts despite the tantrums and meltdowns.

We are thankful for god creating a life for us free of fear, hunger, or many basic needs.

We are thankful... and we give the glory to God.

Cheers to a new year full of new hopes, goals and a clean start!

This year I chose my very first one little word which is GROW. I want to grow as a follower of Christ, as a wife and a mother. I want to grow my blog and my business Sweet Banner of Mine and I want to support my husband to help him grow his business Street Studios as well.

First step to help me grow is a planner! I picked one up and began to create my very first editorial calendar. I'm scheduling date nights with my husband and when my posts are due to the blogs I contribute for. I'm keeping track of our schedules and finding time for us to do things as a family.

Do you choose a word each year? What is it?