A Penguin Kids Craft Party

My friend Rachel and I decided to host a Christmas craft party for some of our baby friends last year. We thought it would be a fun little tradition to get some cute crafts made by our kiddos! We decided a penguin kids craft party would be so much fun!
Being that the party was the weekend before Christmas we decided to keep it fairly low key. We didn't do anything additional for decor other than the Christmas decorations that were already up. Then we grabbed some fruit salad, little chocolate donuts that I turned into penguins, some banana bread and a sweet snack mix that I threw together. Super easy.

I brought supplies to decorate foam penguins and I also went around and traced each kids foot (with their shoes on) on black paper to create a foot shaped penguin as well. Using my handy dandy silhouette I cut out accessories for the kiddos to decorate them with and Rachel did adorable trees with the childs fingerprint that she turned into a penguin.
We cranked up some Christmas music and just had a fun morning crafting and playing. Do you and your friends get their kids together for holiday fun?

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