Holiday Crafting With Friends

The one tradition I do my best to fulfill each year is getting together with friends for little crafting events. I really feel like Christmas time is the perfect time for spending with those that mean a lot to you and creating great memories.  When we get together with our friend we laugh and play and really just enjoy every minute of it. Some times it seems crazy to add another thing to your ever growing list of Christmas events but an evening with friends with some holiday music and crafts is a perfect way to make memories to last a lifetime.

Last year I co-hosted a penguin themed kids craft party with a friend but this year we didn't have an official party. We did, however, get together to make gingerbread houses with one set of friends and get together with other friends to make snowman themed crafts.
Putting together gingerbread houses for the kiddos is fairly simple.  No need for a pricey kit, we just use good ole graham crackers and white frosting I don't even go all out on the decorations and usually just go around our cupboards and collected a muffin tin full of items. The adults all agreed that the combination would be an excellent trail mix! We had mini gumdrops, m&ms, mini marshmallows, random cereals, chocolate chips, raisins and of course sprinkles!

The kids and parents both enjoyed munching on the houses once they were completed.
The next morning (after a sugar coma) we headed over to a friends houses to put together a couple of snowman themed kits from Oriental Trading Company.  We spent the morning crafting, chatting and taking silly photos of the kids with photo props.

This spirit of get together doesn't need to be pricey either. The craft and dollar stores usually have inexpensive craft kits and while you're there you could find photo props too!
With little to no money spent on both get together's we still managed to make lots of memories and have fun with some of the special people in our life!

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