Kari+Ruben Wedding Weekend

On the weekend of September 6th 2014 I got to witness one of my best friends marry her best friend! The wedding was in Flagstaff Arizona and it was beautiful.

Friday morning we headed into town after a pit stop at Dutch Bros, but of course!! Once we arrived to Flagstaff, we checked into the hotel and received our awesome welcome basket that I got to help create! Then we got our nails done and hung out for a bit. Then it was off to the rehearsal and then later to the welcome dinner!
The next day was the big day!! The bride came to the hotel and picked me and Jamie up early to start the get ready/decorate process, but first Starbucks!  Someone in passing told Kari it was a beautiful day to get married, it really was! Three was a little anxiety over the rain but it cleared up in time for the beautiful outdoor wedding.
Here's a pic of me and my love during cocktail hour.
Kari's Photographer Lizzie Kimball was amazing, here are some of my favorites.
The wedding was so much fun and and Kari love the speech that Jamie and I came up with, a top 10 list of things everyone should know about Kari! I had Dd Dal record on his phone, it's on Vimeo HERE.

On Sunday morning we met up with everyone for a goodbye breakfast/birthday breakfast for the brides mom at Mike and Rhonda's The Place which is SOO good. Then it was off to grab coffee and head back home to our kiddos.
When we arrived back to our two little loves passed out asleep, so sweet! They were very happy to see us when they woke up!
Congratulations Kari and Ruben. Here's to many years of happiness together.

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