Quick and Delicious dinner with Foster Farms Crispy Strips

As a busy, full time working mama I'm all too familiar with the age old what are we going to have for dinner tonight Question. Foster Farms Crispy Strips has made a couple of night a week a whole lot easier!

The boys love them dipped in ketchup and me and Dal have found creative ways to use them including this buffalo chicken quesadilla!

I am such a fan of anything buffalo and ranch flavored and throwing random things into a quesadilla so merging the two sounded like a fantastic idea! And let me tell ya, it was!!

What You Need:
-Foster Farms Crispy Strips
-buffalo sauce (I prefer Franks Red Hot)
-ranch dressing
-shredded cheese
-blue cheese (optional)

1. Prepare Foster Farms Crispy Strips according to package directions.
2. Dice chicken and toss with ranch dressing and buffalo sauce.
3. Heat pan, add tortilla with cheese sprinkled on top to melt.
4. Spoon buffalo chicken mixture and blue cheese on half of the tortilla and fold over.
5. Cook until desired crispiness and enjoy!
The husband gave this rave reviews! Please let me know if you try it!

Please note that I received Foster Farms Crispy Strips in exchange for my honest review.