As You Wish Ambassador

In 2015 there will be a lot of pottery painting for the Street family thanks to the good folks over at As You Wish Pottery who chose me to be a Wish Ambassador. I'm am humbled and SO very excited for this opportunity. I am among great company as well.
My first post on their blog is live today, go check it out!

Here are a few more photos of the boys painting and hanging at Westgate that didn't make it on their blog. The boys really enjoyed choosing their own pottery and painting. Last time Dallas painted all the colors kind of blended together. This time he was really intentional about painting different areas, different colors. I can't wait to watch both boys grow and develop in their creativity.

Art in general has been such a good thing for our Lil D. When he can't get across the right words he can draw something to help us know what he is talking/thanking about. I want to always encourage and develop their creative side and this ambassadorship means so much to our family. Lil D's ABA therapist tagged along to really work with him on his art piece.
Be sure to click over to see our finished products! Can't wait to share all of our fun pottery painting adventures this year!

Please note that as a Wish Ambassador I receive compensation in the form of waived studio fees and product for my honest review.

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