Big Hero 6 Movie Screening

Have you seen the movie Big Hero 6 yet? It's so cute, we actually were lucky enough to win tickets to take the boys to a pre-screening. We were a little apprehensive to take them to a movie since they had never successfully sat through one in the theater.

We both really wanted to see the movie as well so we put on our brave faces and did it! We certainly were pleasantly surprised when they both accomplished this huge milestone. They were so good and I think it was largely in part to the movie being so good. Dallas and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well and the soundtrack was so good, especially the Fall Out Boy song Immortals. Always a plus for parents.
The highlight/sad/adorable part of the entire movie was Lil D's reaction to a sad part in the movie (don't worry, it ends happily) I don't want to spoil it but there is a part where Baymax starts falling into a black hole and I looked over at Lil D and he had tears streaming down his face. Dallas and I were both getting sad at that part too so seeing Lil D so sad about it made us cry too.  For us it wasn't just seeing him cry that made us cry it was so much more than that! It meant so much because he was able to understand what was happening in the movie and also that he felt connection to the character. As a parent to a child with Autism and difficulties it's hard to know what they're really getting, what they're really feeling.

The movie ended happy but Lil D was still really upset and continued balling through the end of the movie, to the walk to the car, and for a good while even after that. Needless to say we headed to the Disney store for a couple of Baymax toys. I sent Dal in and he came back with a big plush Baymax as well as an action figure set.

Another funny side story is that I went in and chose our seats because we had to be there early. Dallas stayed with the boys in the car until it was closer to show time. When he brought them in Lil D saw that a bunch of people around us had popcorn and he declared very loudly "I want popcorn, I want popcorn." For others this phrase may seem a bit bratty and maybe so but our baby hasn't been stringing sentences together for very long, he hasn't been able to fully communicate his wants and needs to us so this simple sentence was loud and clear. We got the kid some darn popcorn which he, not so happily, shared with his brother.

Big Hero 6 will always be a movie with a soft spot in our hearts. Did your kids ever have a reaction to a movie that burned that movie into your forever memory?

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