Griffin's Jake and the Neverland Pirate's Party

When my youngest son turned 3 I knew that a pirate themed party was in order since both he and his brother were super into the Jake and the Neverland Pirates show.

I said I was going to go simple, just do some deli sandwiches, which I did! However, with my sisters help we still were able to create a petty magnificent pirate party!
As the guests came to the door they arrived on a giant duct tape X to make the spot!
Another cute detail that I came up with was to imitate  the Peter Pan's silhouettes flying and I instead of the Darling's I added Jake, Bucky and their friends!

One of my favorite features of the entire party was something that my sister came up with and executed, she turned the kitchen island into a gigantic Bucky ship. I made the mast out of pvc pipe, some spare canvas fabric, an umbrella holder and paint. I created the design template with my silhouette. My sister used a few cardboard sheets she got from work and sketched and painted the ship from the show. I then glued the characters in the windows and S.S. Griffin on the side. It's turned out SO CUTE!

 Another fun display was a dessert table. Using kraft wrapping paper, cutouts of map pieces and characters, I created a large map as a backdrop. I then created some ships as cupcake toppers and put out "fish bait" (gummy worms) and "cannon balls" (oreo truffles) which were a huge hit!

When partying like a pirate, one must dress the part. There were pirate hats, bandanas, eye patches, crowns, tattoos, pirate swords as well as treasure maps to play with.

Out back we had water sprayers and water balloon cannons for the kids to play and keep cool.
And of course there had to be a mommy fail... I totally forgot to grab birthday candles so instead Grif got to blow out some tealite candles on a plate, haha!
Griffin had the best time at his birthday and truly loved the attention. Thank you to all the friends and family who made it to celebrate our lil guy!  

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