Therapy Tools for Autism with Oriental Trading Company

When most people think of Oriental Trading Company the first thing that comes to mind is usually Parties! And yes, their party supplies are phenomenal, it's one of my favorite sources for party favors and decor alike but did you know that they have so much more? In fact, I recently had my son's ABA therapist take a look and find some great stuff for our therapy shelf at home which we house all sorts of things that she was excited about!

One of the finds she was most excited about was the super shape changer body sock. She's used this with other kids and thought it would be a good sensory tool for our boy as well.
She picked a lot of things that focused on hand/eye coordination. The sticky treat boards have been a lot of fun for Dallas because ripping tissue, crinkling tissue and making delicious looking treats is just a lot of fun. These boards are really nice because you don't have to pull the glue out, the stickiness is built in which makes it a mess less craft as well. 
Another great hand eye coordination and concentration task is dot activity sheets. These are great because daubing things can be tricky and you really have to focus to line up the circles.We chose the ocean theme but there are a ton of great themes to pick from!
Something cool and different she suggested were these snow ball makers. She uses a variety of balls for him to try to pick up and she's been setting up a relay type race around the house where one of the stops is the snowball maker and he has to get a ball in it and hold it together and spin around before dropping the ball back in the bin. The variety of shapes/sizes and densities of the balls really has to keep him guessing on how to pick it up.
We also chose to get lacing strings, beads, straw pieces and safety needles. Unfortunately, the lacing strings were too thick for the needles but we'll figure out how to put them to could use. Maybe just using some bakers twine as he gets used the the thick laces to challenge him even more. Stringing beads and straw pieces are great for hand eye coordination. The beads come in a variety of colors and shapes and colors which are great for sorting and making patterns as well!
There are so many great options that it was really was hard to narrow it down. Our choice have gotten so much use already and are still relevant as my son's skills develop.

Please note I received free product form Oriental Trading Company in exchange for my honest review.