Thoughts on the 3rd!

When I chose the word Grow for this year I had no idea I would be taking it so literally. I was going more for grow in my faith, grow in my marriage, grow my business I didn't know that I would be growing a human and that we would be growing our family!

Yep, Baby #3 is on the way!
We shared this adorable video on Facebook a couple of weeks ago announcing it to the world!! We're very excited for another little babe around. Dallas says he loves the idea of just having more family around for holiday's in the future and the possibility of more grand-kids. :) I'm excited to have all the firsts again from the first flutter of movement inside my belly to their first steps and first words oh and the newborn snuggles.. those are good.

We've told the boys and I ask them if they want a brother or a sister, their answer changes all the time. Lil D actually got to go with us to the first ultrasound and he loved seeing the baby's fluttering heart on the screen. He also then pretended he was pregnant for the rest of the doctor appointment. It was quite funny. Apparently pregnant people need to have their shirt pulled up and their backs arched quite a bit to push their belly out, haha.

But it's cool that he actually gets it. Just last night we was saying hi to the baby and drew a picture of me.
 Which is a step up from the picture he drew of me a couple of weeks ago with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my belly. Love my short hair too! Oh and that squiggly line that's my heart beat.
Griffin seems to get it too but isn't as interested in the whole thing yet. I think he'll be especially glad to be the boss of someone else!

I have wanted three kids for a while now and although Dallas wasn't quite so sure he is very excited. We both feel like the timing is good since Dallas is working from home so we won't we constantly figuring out childcare and we don't have all the stresses of managing a household on our own. The impending arrival does also mean that Dal's beloved Honda Civic two door coupe will be retired as there is no way to add another car seat to the back.Can't wait to find out next month if it'll be my 3 sons or if there will be a lil miss added to the household to soften these boys up!