As You Wish Little Prints

The other night we had the opportunity to take the boys to As You Wish for a little family date night. I was very excited to get to get their sweet little hand prints preserved in clay. When we arrived our artist, Ashleigh was all ready for us. Dallas was really interested in helping her re-wet the clay with a sponge, then it was time to imprint their hands.

Dallas was first and he listened carefully and follow directions perfectly.Griffin followed suit and did great too!
Once done with that it was time to let them paint. They each had a treasure chest and Griffin insisted on needing to paint a race car as well.

We all had a great time painting and taking our time. Lil D loved painting with a sponge brush and he liked painting the intricate lines on a rubber stamp.
While the boys painted I spoke with our custom artist on how I wanted the hand prints painted. I showed her a photo of what I was kind of what I was looking for and they came out perfectly!! Head on over to the As You Wish Blog to see how cute they turned out!

Being a Blog Ambassador has been such a fun experience for my little family. The boys have a growing pottery collection and really enjoy the painting process!

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