Baby Street is a....


Kinda of crazy to think that we'll be adding some tutus and hair bows to this little brood of ours!

We really thought that we were done after the two boys. I always kind of held out hope that there would be a third baby but I know that Dallas wasn't on board so we waited. I finally started warming him up to the idea when the surprise plus sign showed up!

I really was on the fence about wanting another boy or having a girl this time. Every one I talked to said they were hoping/praying it was a girl. Part of me was like... well we got this boy thing down maybe it would be best to have three boys. I mean little boys sure do love their mama and it could be nice being the only girl. Dallas definitely wanted another boy. But low and behold we saw the three little lines and knew immediately that it was a girl. The tech looked and looked and the baby was in a C shape so getting the parts was a bit difficult I swear I could tell the first swipe through but she wanted the clear shot before confirming.

I cried... but I think I would've cried either way. Finding out the gender of your child is such a big moment and I felt anxious to finally know.

Knowing us and keeping secrets we planned to have immediate family and my two best friends over for a small reveal party. I make spaghetti and a couple sweets and got to thinking how I'd like to do the reveal part.

I finally settled on the idea of a homemade volcano that the boys could pour the vinegar into to make it foam and reveal the color. I purchased both blue and paint for the volcano.
And then I teased everyone with an ultrasound pic.
The day after revealing to my family I brought cupcakes into work, once again revealing the gender!