Acceptance is Learned at Home

As a mama of a child with special circumstances it kills my heart to read stories where kids are targeted for being "different and weird" news flash if everyone was the same this world be a very boring place indeed!

My son's differences aren't something easily recognized as they don't affect his physical appearance at all. He also doesn't display a lot of Autistic "behaviors." In fact, I'm sure many people don't even realize. I know in school the differences between him and other kids are more noticeable. I don't want him to be victimized because kids see him as "weird." His brain doesn't work like everyone else but his brain works beautifully. He doesn't process things like they do but he processes them as he can. My child works hard to succeed in a society that wants us all to think and act the same. 
Acceptance starts at home our kids don't want your pity they just want to be accepted in every day life. When your child comes home from school, does homework and goes off to play know that our kids are doing their homework working with their ABA therapist, attending speech or occupational therapy just to be successful in this rigid world. They are working so hard to live as others take for granted. Whatever you do, please don't feel sorry for them, that accomplishes nothing.

I BEG you, talk to your kids about differences let them know that it's okay to be different above all teach them ACCEPTANCE!!! Let's raise a generation of kids tolerable and understanding of ALL people.

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