Caprese and Pepperoni Appetizer

A while back my friends and I decided to have an Italian style pot luck dinner when. I knew I wanted to do an appetizer and had an idea of the flavors I wanted but didn't exactly know how I was going to execute.

So after a trip to the store I came up with theme caprese and pepperoni appetizers and they were a hit! They were gobbled up in no time.

What you need:
-small baguette
-sun dried tomato (I used dried but the one in oil would be MUCH better)
-fresh basil
-mozzarella cheese
-olive oil and balsamic (optional)

-cut small baguette into slices, then the slices in half
-wash and dry the basil, rip into as many pieces as bread you have
-my pepperonis were large so I cut in half and folded over
-if sun dried tomatoes are in oil I was drain them on a paper towel and cut if they're too big
-mozzarella cut into chucks. Since I used the string cheese I decided to use two thin slices.
-layer the toppings on top of the baguette and poke with a toot pick, it's that easy!

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